Kinky and petite girl next door Meagan

We named her Megan since she seems a little like Megan Fox… This petite girl next door is entering the adult business, and has never done any porn before — and she is not shy about trying anything — public nudity, masturbating, and even some extreme insertions! We meet her at a mall, and see how tiny and young looking she is! She seems like she’s under 18… however she’s positively legal! She flashes at a mall, then fingering herself and risking every kind of public nudity and gets away with it. Back home, she gives us an interview about how she is initiating her career in porn starting with FTV. We then watch her masturbate with a vibrator for the very first time, she’s never had an orgasm in her life before! Notice how her pussy enjoys the first experience with something vibrating on her clit. She then supplies us extreme closeups of her pussy area, specifically her swollen clitoris. After a quick lunch break & interview, she tries the Vibraking Toy and it makes her pussy lips much more responsive, pulsating to the pleasure. As wet as she is now, we challenge her to an extreme insertion — fisting! She works hard at it, till her entire hand goes missing and finally she ends up fisting herself extremely deep! Incredible to watch, this just-turned 18 year old hard fists herself for the very first time in her life. Then putting a cute dress, she dances for us to some music, shaking that booty and ends up finishing off in the nude. Putting on a corset, she receives a pleasant hard breast & butt massage, then tries some anal fingering, together with foot fetish play. Then putting on sexy heels, she offers us even more pussy teases, ending up with using the FTV Monster Toy! That giant toy goes about midway inside her, filling her up to the max! Incredible to see with such a petite girl, especially when the toy is thicker than her legs! Wearing a stunning white dress and wedges, we see her go to a fancy golf resort, giving us upskirt teases and even more fingering. Finding a purple eggplant she bought at a food market, she proceeds to penetrate herself with it, going as deep as she can. She finally ends up getting fucked doggy style by the assistant, getting pounded hard and deep. Then for an intense finale, she deep fists herself once more, right on the putting green! Enjoy Meagan’s very first shoot, before she started her profession in porn — a real and enjoyable supercute teen untainted by the industry.

Teen Belicia has deep sexual talent

Beautiful, sultry-eyed teen Belicia is doing her very first video shoot in adult, and wow, does she have some deep sexual talent! We meet her at a park, where we see her in cute casual wear. She strips down for us on this warm sunny day and then starts off fingering her pussy, ending up utilizing a vibrator for deep penetration. That’s a nice start! She then races home and rides the Big Ten Toy… extremely deep… right to her belly button. She then pounds herself with it, and tries some multi-finger stuffing, getting to 5 fingers. Spreading and gaping for us, we can see deep inside her pussy hole… Out at a lunch break, she is interviewed even as she flashes her breasts, then goes to a food market to buy some veggies whilst flashing shoppers around her! Outside an office building, she strips down and catches even more interest from folks passing by. She is extremely attractive and confident! We then savour seeing her fully nude with heels on, walking through a parking area having fun with that tremendous teen figure. Later in the day, she puts on another cute dress & heels, provides us upskirt views, then pulls out a speculum! Pushing it inside her, we get to see all the way down her vagina to her cervix, all out in the open in a banking neighborhood! Call it a public speculum scene?? So as her first time video experience continues, we see her in a ponytail and only a top on, running through a park area playing with a soccer ball. In no time she’s utterly nude… then finds a long cucumber to penetrate herself standing up, and then riding it in the grass under the hot sun. Hot views of the veggie penetration from completely different angles. Back home, she experiments with a bottle, pushing it as deep as it can go, getting past the large end… Notice her milky white juices build up on the bottle, which she then pulls out and rubs on her nipples like cream! She tries going as deep as possible by sitting on it and applying her body weight. Also observe the suction sound as she pulls it out. More veggie penetration continues as she tries to make use of a big summer season squash, but its too huge and she can’t get most of it in… so she makes use of a banana instead! She fucks herself hard with the banana, till its turned to mush… To end the day, we take pleasure in her figure in a cute bra & panties, showing off and massaging her firm breasts & butt, then gaping her vagina from behind and fingering herself. So savour this beautiful Total First Timer, with that very sexy teen look that turns most guys on.

California girl in the buff

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FTV Cosima is a first timer that decided to start out her porn carreer with FTV — she’s a tall, leggy and supercute California girl who has a sexually deviant side… We meet her at a really busy mall, however she looks quite conservative in the clothing she’s wearing, but soon enough she’s flaunting that ample cleavage, and getting nude in shops as well as in front of all types of people! As she gets used to flashing her naughty bits, we go to an outdoor club, and watch her dance to music with no bra or panties on! Eventually she’s absolutely bare, doing cartwheels and backbends nude. Back home, she masturbates with her fingers to orgasm, then makes use of the magic wand toy to even more orgasms. We then get intense closeups of her pussy while she is stretching and pulling on her long labia, and stuffing 4 fingers inside her. Wearing her attractive new heels and a short little dress, we see her at a sassy open mall, where we get to see even more upskirt of her, and revel in that leggy look she has. In no time she’s fingering herself once again, however this time she finally ends up fisting herself… right out in the open walkway of the mall! Then she stuffs her panties inside her until eventually they go missing, then fists herself with them inside her! The subsequent morning, we see her jogging in a cute tight outfit, taking her top off and running topless. Watch those full breasts bounce! Then finding a water hose, she ends up stuffing it inside her, making her vagina an active water fountain! She fucks herself with the water hose, and squirts water out… Stretching herself wide, we get intense closeups of her pussy hole while gaping, then some hard breast play, as stretches and pulls on her breasts & nipples. Continuing to push her limits, she does an exceptionally hard fisting, and going even deeper than before. As the day comes to an end, we see her in her cutest dress yet, and watch her use a super thick cucumber on a park bench. Surprising us and herself along with her new extreme nature, this cute California girl is one more perfect addition to FTV :)
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Nude girls in Waikiki

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Its time for one more Hawaii journey, and two of FTV’s most well liked sweethearts get to share the experience at the same time! On a sunny, warm day in Waikiki, we see the beautiful Veronica and the supercute Nicole in eye-catching summer time clothes & wedges strolling & holding hands… then making out — in the midst of an extremely busy intersection! They get very frisky with one another, drawing the eye of travelers and residents alike. No matter where they go, they’re touchy-feely, deep kissing and feeling one another up. No bra or panties, so we get upskirt views and breast flashing (and so does anyone else around them!). Some vacationers like to take pix with them… After even more public nudity at a fancy resort, mall, and restaurant, they go home to calm down after miles of walking, and provide us a little foot fetish session of their pretty, petite and nicely manicured toes. Then they massage each others’ bodies, give good hard breast & butt massages — however Veronica has this little fetish — spanking! She has a bunch of spanking toys she brought along with her, and Nicole spanks her butt and breasts until eventually these are pink and sore. The girls choose to get much more intimate with each other, by masturbating on each other! Nicole starts off first, using the Eroscillator toy till she has a pleasant powerful orgasm with obvious vaginal contractions, right in the front of Veronica’s face. Veronica then fingers her, testing out her wetness inside. Then its Veronica’s turn, applying her glass toy to pound herself to a milky moist orgasm. She then masturbates once more, ending squirting on top of Nicole and onto her stomach. She licks it up… On the following day, the ladies are seen at the beach early in the morning, greeting surfers and fishermen. Soon enough, the bikinis come off, and they are running round bare everywhere whilst people congregate and take photos! They make out freely, and flash their private areas as they get sandy and moist. Then they discover a glass toy to play with, pounding one another doggy style as deep as it can go. Rinsing off at the outside beach showers, they draw much more attention from the travelers and tour buses, and they love all of it! After some breakfast topless at a restaurant, they go home for some very intimate oral sex play, licking one another’s clits and performing some hard and deep fingering (in addition to spreading and gaping one another)…
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Shyla Jennings returns to FTV

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The popular FTV cutie Shyla returns to us, and wowza does she do some kinky and intense naughty stuff for FTV! We spot her at an office area, sporting a seethrough white dress & high wedges, showing off her attractive components — and her butt is as nice as we remember, and those breasts are larger! Teasing her pussy, she ends up sitting by an open office and finger masturbating away. Then she takes a vibrator and penetrates herself deep, both letting it vibrate her insides and her clitoris, ending up in an orgasm. Going for a sexy secretary look, she’s got her actual glasses on (even though it makes her look very young!) and sporting an attractive skirt and see through top with black heels. Parading round an additional office area, she provides us some more upskirt views, then spreading and gaping her pretty vagina. Finding a bench out within the open public space, she takes her heels off and proceeds to finger herself deep, then go for five fingers… and finally ends up fisting! Not only does she get her entire hand in, she pushes it deeper and deeper, till she’s doing one of the deepest fisting videos we have ever watched! She fists herself long and hard, and we watch it from a number of erotic angles. Taking all her clothing off, she ends up splashing round in a water fountain, even as a number of men and women watch her from the balcony. Just to be even more daring, she fingers herself at the fountain, then scares a man at a nearby park bench when she’s nude! Out at lunch, she talks loads about her sex life whilst her breasts are out, then goes to a gas station and continues the topless theme there and at a shop! We certainly get to take pleasure in her energetic, bouncy persona when she decides to bounce and sing to Bohemian Rhapsody, with a complete mixture of eroticism and humor. In the shower, she decides its time to shave off her pubic hair, and we see her do an entire shaving scene, then spread and gape her ‘sparkling’ pussy. She decides its time to fist once more… slowly working fingers in, she goes just as deep as before, however even perhaps more deep, wriggling her hand deep inside herself feeling each and every portion of her vagina! Out in pigtails and a sporty outfit, she runs topless to a park, then pulls out the massive, thick flashlight she purchased at the shop. She finally ends up having sex with it, penetrating her pussy deep, and just about getting off! Suddenly serious, Shyla surprises us all together with her attractive and kinky methods and makes for a superior FTV update :)
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Super Gorgeous Staci

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Wow is this FTV girl gorgeous! A first timer from North Dakota, Staci has the cute all American girl smile and persona. We meet her at night, at a huge party at a fitness center where we see her in a sexy dress & heels, mingling with the crowds. We notice she is not wearing panties, and soon enough she’s flashing her boobs and pussy right in the midst of the celebration! She’s a sporty one, and demonstrates her expertise by climbing some rope, exposing her pussy for all to see below! Back home, she dances sexy to some music, strips down and talks a little about herself. On the following day, we see her in a pair of cute little jean shorts, parading round a little farm area and fingering herself! Once she’s totally nude, she finally ends up masturbating with a vibrator to a pleasant orgasm with noticeable vaginal contractions. She even squirts a bit… On a dare, we’ve got her running out on a road with vehicles driving by! After a quick lunch interview, she then masturbates once again, employing her preferred vibrator to another orgasm, and we get to see her spread wide for intense closeups of her pussy parts. Later in the day, sporting an attractive form-fitting dress, she visits a fancy resort and models for us. She runs into somebody whose truck broke down, so to liven his day up, she will get nude for him! Then discovering an incredibly massive cucumber, she ends up penetrating herself with it. It pushes her limits, and she will only get 1/3 of the way down. Back home, she’s introduced to the Vibraking Toy, which ends up making her squirt all around the sofa! She has among the prettiest feet we have ever seen, so we have now a fun foot fetish session, and she gets to suck on her toes too. Playing with her fingers, she finally ends up pushing 4 fingers inside her pussy, then goes for some anal play, fingering her butt! Back outside, she cools herself down by getting nude close to a park and jumping round in the sprinklers. What a gorgeous girl, amazing persona, and also you’re bound to fall in love with her. No doubt Staci must come back for even more!
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Kendall – naturally gifted

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This super beautiful blonde is really naturally gifted together with her splendid body — Kendall has some very attractive toned legs, an excellent flawless butt, and good round C/D cup naturals! We first see her in an attractive gown & heels, strolling through a pretty resort, teasing us with upskirt views and breast play. Soon enough she’s strolling round utterly nude, so we can really enjoy her wonderful nude figure! Back home she masturbates her way, using her fingers hard into her g-spot for her unique manner of masturbation to orgasm. Then she provides us excessive closeups of her very pretty pussy before she tries the Magic Wand toy to masturbate and orgasm once more (she’s never used one before, and finally ends up with some robust vaginal responses). We then get a really attractive/sensual stretching scene where she demonstrates her cheerleader abilities… Putting on a cute bra & panties set, she gives herself a tough breast massage, squeezing those excellent D’s, then with some nipple play too. Back outdoors, she wears a really attractive gown & heels, comes out of a supercar and does some posing with it. Walking round this resort, she strips down on the putting course and finally ends up nude at a tennis court. The intense heat has her going back home, so she will be able to masturbate once more — doing it her way with the fingers going into her g-spot. She then tries to insert the massive glass ball toy. She does the splits on it (erotic!) after which has intercourse with it on the sofa. We then see her dance to some of her favourite music (in the nude of course!) and watch that attractive body move about. Approaching sundown, she places her hair in pigtails, and puts on a skimpy sporty outfit. Out at a well-liked climbing path, she flashes her assets, finally going naked once more, working across the climbing path absolutely nude drawing the attention of other hikers! She gets horny and g-spot finger masturbates once more, till a dust storm begins moving in. What a beautiful woman, and also you’re seeing her right here in her first adult porn shoot — another total first time video girl!
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FTV Shea the cute little teaser

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FTV Shea is a cute little teaser that’s never been naked on film before. For her first time video we meet her at a resort for a pre-shoot interview, then we encourage her to flash for the camera. Eventually we get some upskirt and pussy spreading shots, but we get too much attention and move on… At the FTV house she masturbates with toys to reach orgasm with a bit of squirting along with it. Then she’s all fired up for some more public nudity, flashing next to a construction crew and behind an unsuspecting guy at a restaurant! Back at the house again she dances sexy for us until she’s completely nude, then she has a marathon masturbation session until her pussy is all tuckered out… and we captured it all. :)
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Hometown girl Janessa at FTV

ftv janessa
Hometown girl Janessa is trying her first adult experience, specifically for FTV. We meet up with this charming and innocent girl next door at her friends’ pool, and interview her about trying out the adult biz, then watch her flash her nice round titties! A week later, she is talking about some extremely private things, then disrobing and masturbating on video camera for the very first time in her life. She winds up with a strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions. A few days later, we are reintroduced to her at her home, and watch her give a tour of her place and have fun with her pet dogs. Outside she strips, rides her stationary bike, then goes to the bathroom to masturbate to another strong orgasm. After a lunch interview, she does some flashing at a supermarket … Putting on a hot red outfit and heels, she visits an arts center, giving us upskirt views, then fingering herself both vaginally and anally! She uses the Vibraking Toy and has another strong orgasm, spreading enough to pack 4 fingers inside her. Her small pussy get sore quickly, so she jumps in the shower and we zoom into her clit to enjoy her cool off … On the next day, we see her in a stylish attire, running a desert trail, and meeting Lia. She strips down, fingers herself, that is– up until a park ranger is informed of her activities. Then putting on a dress & heels, she poses in front of the video camera, then finds a banana to have fun with. She penetrates herself as deep as it can go, then has Lia assist her doggy style. She then does another spirited dance to music in her red outfit, which then gets her hot and horny for another masturbation session with her favorite vibrator– to another strong orgasm! Lia likewise helps on shooting her, as well as spreading her butt as Janessa fingers herself anally. Enjoy this naturally quiet girl, who is open and candid with everything that she does– shooting specifically for FTV.
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First timer with sexy booty

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Leyla is a first timer with a sexy booty and learns quickly how to really show it off. At a grocery store she’s in some booty shorts and flashes her perky breasts with her ass cheeks almost hanging out. In the parking lot she strips down and streaks naked and quickly gets too much attention. Back at the house she masturbates with her fingers and a vibrator until she reaches a nice natural orgasm. We get some great closeups of her juicy wet pussy as she continues masturbating… Out again at a tourist area in a skimpy dress, she gives some upskirt teases until she decides to streak again! The attention leads to a hasty retreat. At the house again she continues playing with toys and even a cucumber to get her rocks off. She even dances naked for us, shaking that sexy booty that is quite hypnotic. Have fun watching Leyla the first timer… she’s totally exclusive and you’ll see her nowhere else but at FTV!
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FTV girl Anya the busty squirter

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FTV girl Anya is a busty squirter that’s never done adult work before. For her first time video we break her in with some public flashing at the mall, showing her perfect D cup boobs – so round and firm. Outside at a quiet spot she runs about topless with her titties bouncing everywhere lol. On a park bench she plays with a vibrator, and yes she squirts when she cums. We haven’t seen a squirter like this in years! At the house we get a busty interview, and poolside she masturbates again and again with some toys, squirting all over the place. We get some great closeups of the messy action. Anya the busty squirter is an amazing girl just perfect for FTV. Hope you enjoy all she has to offer…
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Shannon the hula hoop girl

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Shannon the hula hoop girl comes to FTV for her first adult experience on camera ever. She has that girl next door quality that looks so innocent, but she is a truly sexual being. She flashes for us in several outfits then we get a treat as she loves to masturbate. She’s an expert with her fingers, and expertly makes herself cum. Then getting kinky she tries anal fingering for the first time and we get some great close ups. Out at a park, she gives a giant cucumber a blowjob before penetrating herself… until a person catches her in the act! Oops. At the house she shows us her special talent with the hula hoop, moving naked to the music. She goes for another masturbation session, eventually inserting all 5 fingers in her pussy as she finger bangs herself to orgasm… Shannon the hula hoop girl is exclusive to FTV and you’ll enjoy her videos nowhere else… yum.
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