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FTV Adria – Golfing teen cutie

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This teen cutie is a serious golfer, and wanted to start in the adult business with First Time Video. FTV Adria is very petite and loves to smile. We meet up with her at a mall, where on a dare she starts flashing her tits and ass at us. Tough luck – security comes and kicks us out. 😛

At the house she uses her fingers to masturbate to orgasm and gets a good night’s sleep. In the morning we hit a golf course where she does some sensual acrobatics then streaks nude across the grounds with more than a few admirers. At a nearby resort, she spreads wide and starts to masturbate with a glass toy but security busts us again…

Back at the house again, FTV Adria talks about her early sexual experiences and gets kinky with some golf balls in her pussy. Then she tries the magic wand for the first time and she’s immediately hooked, bringing herself to a super strong orgasm which we catch up close on camera.

This cute teen does very well for her first adult video shoot, and she’s determined to become a porn star. Keep an eye out for this little gem!

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FTV Arya the dancing hippie chick

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FTV Arya the dancing hippie chick is a fun-loving adventurous type making her nude debut here at First Time Video. We meet her in a park and she isn’t shy at all, showing upskirt panty peeks and her very flexible body from being a yoga expert.

At the house she jumps right into masturbating with the magic wand and talks about how much she loves to pleasure herself as much as possible. When she comes we get some great closeups of her pussy. Then she experiments a bit by fingering herself anally and penetrating herself with a bottle, but then she switches to the dildo to finish herself off.

Out again, we go to a resort with some almost nude cartwheels and acrobatics while golfers peek over. She follows this with some topless jogging down the street, even fingering herself when she thinks nobody is looking. I can’t vouch for that… 😛

Back to the house in the evening and FTV Arya shifts into overdrive with the Vibraking which gives her a very strong orgasm with contractions. That pales in comparison to the Monster Toy when Arya fills her pussy deep, pushing it in as far as it can go and stretching her out!

Arya is a naturally blonde beauty, with a sweet, flexible body and a great personality and openness that makes her perfect to be an FTV girl. She’s a very welcome additional to the site. Enjoy.

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Extreme fisting and toy play with FTV Roxy

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Extreme fisting and toy play with FTV Roxy! She’s super cute and very sexual too, where nothing seems to be off limits. When we meet up with her she surprises us with a hidden toy already in her pussy! We take her to the house where she masturabates with it to a nice, strong orgasm. I guess she’d been looking forward to that opener…

After that warm up she starts fisting herself – this is an FTV girl that loves extreme pleasure, and stretching herself out gets her off like nothing else. She even entices the FTV assistant to fist punch her pussy as well! Which soon leads to her trying to fit both her hands in that magical vagina…

In the Kitchen, FTV Roxy pounds herself with the largest veggies we could find… and yes they’re huge. We’re just amazed she can stretch herself out so much. Then follows the golf balls, as she stuffs six of them up her cootchie. Wow. What follows is a long list of one-uppance…. a speculum, a 14-inch dildo in her ass, followed by her fist and then an entire shoe heel up her asshole! Extreme fisting and toy play is putting it a little mildly imo!

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FTV Brielle – Cam girl turned extreme

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FTV Brielle is a cam girl turned extreme, doing her first adult nude shoot for us. We meet her at a restaurant wearing a sexy summer dress with no panties. Of course we get some upskirt shots! But we get a little TOO much attention so we beat a hasty retreat…

At the house FTV Brielle masturbates with fingers and toys as we get some extreme closeups. She’s a hyper-sexual girl and has no trouble making herself cum with the camera on her… I guess it’s all that cam experience!

She kicks it up a notch with some kinkiness, double penetrating herself with two zucchinis. Wow. Then she switches to the FTV Monster toy – that thing is HUGE – and she manages to get only half of it inside her stretched pussy. Now that’s BIG.

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FTV Aveline the rodeo teen

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FTV Aveline the rodeo teen visits us from Oklahoma – the perfect girl next door that dips her toes into the world of porn. We meet her at the airport, where this cutie gives us some great titty and pussy flashes on the tram. No problem whatsoever! Aveline is so wet from the excitement we take her straight to the FTV house where she immediately masturbates with her fingers…

In the morning we head out to a park where she leads with some upskirt peeks and street flashing – even fingering herself when nobody is looking. She’s not so shy after all! When we reach the house she tries some sex toys (never used a vibrator before!) and reaches a surprisingly strong orgasm. She gapes those swollen pussy lips wide for us…

More public nudity that afternoon as she gets kinky with a squash at a resort. She’s actually quite daring in what she will do! It turns out she’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and it shows. At the house again she has an extended masturbation session, trying out the different dildos and toys, riding them as a rodeo teen should until she is just too sore to continue…

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Nina North & Serena – High School Lovers

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Nina North & Serena – High School Lovers! Nina has been on FTV before, but now she’s convinced her real best friend Serena to do her first time video as well in a hot and heavy girl on girl shoot. Both are only 18.

We meet them in the evening down at the mall and interview them about the shoot. Serena is really nervous, but with her friend there she’s able to flash for the first time and talk about her sexual experiences, and what’s going to happen with her friend Nina, whom she’s fooled around with in real life.

In the morning they wake up together naked and start the day with some kissing and touching, which leads to some heavy petting and scissoring. They grind their pussies together hard and fast, until Nina reaches orgasm. Then she uses the Magic Wand toy on Serena until she climaxes too. Some great closeups here.

Then they head back down to the mall for some shopping in sexy outfits with heels, turning heads at these two cute teens walking by. They flirt with each other, dance a little and flash when they can. After too much attention we head outside to a more private resort where they splash in a water fountain and get naked.

At the house they get into their bikinis for some tanning by the pool. We get some sneaky pussy shots, and they bring out an extra large double-ended dildo that they both play with. They use it on each other, even scissoring with that giant cock toy between them until they get off. Then they cool off naked in the pool.

At bed time these girls are at it again, only this time exploring the big glass ball toy. That thing stretches them out, and it’s a challenge finding new ways to ply with it. Lots of squishy, juicy sounds as it moves deep inside some pussy. After that experience, Nina even tries to fist herself… finally with success! You have to see it…

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FTV Cadey Mercury the little troublemaker

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FTV Cadey Mercury the little troublemaker is barely legal at 18 and trying adult nudes for the first time. She’s a fan of the site but is a bit nervous… however once we get started she surprises us both! We meet up with Cadey at an outdoor cafe where she talks a bit about herself before she’s ready to give us some upskirt flashes under the table. She even pulls aside her panties for some great pussy shots too.

At the FTV house Cadey models the clothes she brought for the shoot before she starts experimenting with the various sex toys in the place. Her favorites are the Vibraking and the glass toy, and this teen cutie was able to show us some double penetration as well.

Outside again she twerks for us in the nude and we get some closeups as she fingers her pussy and even tries fisting (it’s too tight) so she tries some gaping. After that there was some banana insertions, but her pussy is so tight it just crushes that poor banana LOL. It was still quite a fun day for this fresh-faced teen, so please welcome FTV Cadey as one of the girls!

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Update: Now known as Cadey Mercury!

Canadian beauty Marley Brinx


Canadian beauty Marley Brinx was a popular hit at FTV so we brought her back a few weeks later for a more demanding shoot! She knows we like public nudity, so we take her to restaurant row where she teases us with a sexy black dress and no panties. She spreads some pussy shows and even plays with a vibrator when nobody is looking (we hope). We eventually get stopped by security… oops.

At the house Marley Brinx gets naked to finish masturbating with the magic wand toy to a strong orgasm. Totally wet, she slips four fingers in and even tries to fist (not happening – she’s too tight).

In the morning she gets very horny, masturbating with the Vibraking to not one but four squirting orgasms. We get some great pussy closeups and spreads before we gear up for our next location.

At a park/golf course, our FTV girl jogs around with her boobs bouncing out, distracting the golfers nearby. She runs around, does some cartwheels and backbends, and loves the attention. She finds a more private place and then plays around with a large radish (?) yes I said radish. She starts by stretching her pussy out but then stuffs that radish in her asshole. That’s something you’ve probably never seen before!

At the house again we get some more finger gaping, with some kinky water play and public peeing off the balcony. Then she chooses her favorite double ended dildo and double penetrates herself with it as deep as she can. After that she spreads her ass for some massive anal gaping!

And that’s just the first day…


FTV Fiona the sexy cheerleader

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FTV Fiona the sexy cheerleader is a total newcomer. This naturally beautiful teen comes to visit us from Texas for her first time video and ends up pushing the limits of her sexuality. We meet her downtown – she’s in a short skirt with a sexy top, and doesn’t hesitate flashing us right on the street. It’s already late so we take her home where Fiona masturbates in her own unique way to orgasm before she goes to bed.

The next morning we travel to an open mall, with her in a pretty white dress with nothing else underneath. She gets away with some daring public nudity, showing glimpses of her pussy between her legs as she dances to some mall music. She tops that with a cartwheel, naked legs spinning in the air…

At the house again and she’s exploring an assortment of sex toys. When she reaches the vibrator she ends up squirting for the very first time. We zoom in for some great closeups as she continues with a glass ball dildo and notice how tight she is down there.

Changing into some sports attire, our sexy cheerleader girl first flashes her way through a golf course, showing off her cheerleader skills, then goes topless at a local gym, working out with her boobs exposed for anyone to see.

At the house, FTV Fiona goes crazy for more toys, masturbating both inside and poolside. Something about this shoot has really released her inner sex demon, and she has many orgasms during her time with us. We hope to see this all natural teen girl again. She’s an ideal FTV girl.

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Hot Armenian girl FTV Darcie

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Hot Armenian girl FTV Darcie is all natural with huge natural tits. She’s done some promo work for her DJ career but this is her first time video nudes ever! In a sexy red dress and matching heels, she flashes her amazing chest through a car lot and gives them a nice massage. Does anyone see? We don’t know…

At the house this hot Armenian girl masturbates with the magic wand to orgasm, breasts jiggling the whole time. We then head outside for some topless jogging through a golf course. Then she gets completely naked for a nude nature hike through some local trails.

At the house again she uses her fingers to get herself going, then plays with some sex toys. We get some great pics of her pleasuring herself and rubbing her big boobs. Everything about this shoot seems to be around those humongous titties, so big breast lovers should really enjoy FTV Darcie. :)

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Polish girl nudes with FTV Tracy

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FTV Tracy is a cute Polish girl trying out adult nudes for the first time. She’s extremely nervous, so we start in the house, slowly stripping down to her curvy figure and masturbating with her sex toys. She slips some ben-wa balls inside her and walks around. She tells us she does this sometimes at home…

More masturbation with some vibrators, and we get some great pussy closeups and spreading shots. When she tries the Vibraking toy she ends up having a strong squirting orgasm, which shocks her as she claims she’s never squirted before.

She’s ready now to push her limits, trying an anal toy for the first time in her young life. She likes it… especially when it vibrates inside her ass! For another stretch she tries three vibrators, one in her pussy and one in her butt, and the Vibraking on her clit, driving her to new heights.

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Hot Boston girl Anyah at FTV

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Hot Boston girl Anyah is slim, striking and beautiful. She’s doing her very first adult shoot with FTV, and she’s eager to test her limits. She has some booty shorts on and some sexy wedges when we take her to a golf course where she finds a place to sit and start masturbating with her fingers. She takes her bottoms off and does some cartwheels in front of some startled golfers…

At the house she’s ready for some sex toys, using a vibrator until she orgasms for the camera. We get some great pussy closeups of her swollen clit as she talks about how she lost her virginity. Going extreme, FTV Anyah fists for the first time, going really deep, fist-fucking herself until she cums!

We take our hot Boston girl out to a lunch where we not only get some great upskirt shots, but she penetrates herself with a large banana when she thinks nobody is looking. Then she cools off my jumping in a nearby fountain, flashing the whole time and spreading her legs for us.

She changes into her sporty outfit for a quick job… only she soon takes her pants off in the street for some public nudity shots. She goes kinky, stuffing three golf balls into her pussy the pushing them out.

She changes into the sexy secretary, and in an office she spreads her legs and pushes her limits by double penetrating herself with a double ended dildo. She moves on to bigger and bigger dildos, stretching her pussy as wide as she can go. Some great gaping shots here.

At the house our hot Boston girl struts by the pool, shaking her firm booty, then gives us a real treat. She starts fingering her ass, gaping it a bit before using a glass ball toy to stretch her anal limits. FTV Anyah makes a huge first impression on her first shoot, sure to please all those who love gaping!

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