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FTV Girls Adrianna the secretary

first time video girl adrianna
Yes, FTV Girls Adrianna is a secretary, so why not start the First Time Video shoot at an office building? She’s wearing a normal but hot secretary outfit, delivering a package to an office. The lobby is empty, so she pulls her top down and exposes those nice firm natural breasts and gives them a squeeze. Still nobody around, so she takes her panties off and starts rubbing her pussy with her fingers… until someone does come by and she gets caught! We escape to another office complex that appears deserted, so she gets comfortable on the stairs and masturbates with her pocket vibrator! Getting more daring, she walks through the office area, completely naked except her high heels. Very hot. We get extreme pussy closeups and take off quickly! Add another girl to the First Time Video experience!

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FTV Girls Sandra and her First Time Video

ftv sandra
There’s something about this petite teen I really like. She’s half Korean and half Caucasian, so maybe it’s that exotic look that grabs me. She’s blessed with big beautiful eyes and a slim, firm figure – she could be a Japanese Anime character. In any case, she’s a perfect cutie pie for First Time Video. After we hook up we drive around town in her 350Z, and she’s driving topless! I’m pretty sure some other car’s got a good peek at her exposed breasts. On a dare we stop by an office park and she streaks completely naked through it before we speed off haha! Back to the house, and she’s all jacked up from the public nudity so ends up masturbating several times with her fingers and a vibrator (for the first time). Notice the pussy contractions as she cums. It seems public nudity is her thing, so we try it again at a restaurant and a grocery store! Luckily we don’t get caught. The next day she shows us her acrobatic skills by doing naked cartwheels and tumblers across the street in full view of anyone that might walk by! Back inside again, she tries to fit a big squash in her pussy, but she’s too tight and it gets stuck for a bit! Oops. She downshifts by using a banana and the vibrator for a stimulating orgasm. Up for another, she grabs the powerful vibraking toy and has one of the strong orgasms in her life – look at her toes curl! After she recovers, she dresses in a hot secretary outfit, puts on her glasses, and ends up fingering and fisting her pussy in the home office! She surprised us both with that one. Sandra is a total amateur, and you’ll only see her here, on First Time Video!

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FTV Girls Tamara – skinny teen!

ftv tamara
FTV Tamara just turned 18 and is just starting college – this is her first adult experience here at First Time Video! We hook up and head out to the street for some public nudity. She isn’t shy at all, and starts flashing right away in the middle of street – wow she is one skinny teen! Back to her dorm room, she gets completely naked on the balcony while her roommates are inside watching TV. This naked college girl starts masturbating with her fingers right out in the open until she has a nice strong orgasm! In to her bedroom where it’s more private, she teases us with extreme pussy closeups and foot play. She uses a vibrator for the first time in her life, and cums hard, but continues to use it because she enjoys it so much! On the 2nd day we meet up at a restaurant and watch as she does more public flashing in this very exposed place. Luckily she doesn’t get caught! So we head to a nearby resort, where FTV Tamara gives us a private nudie show, with a hard breast massage and a pussy spread. Sweet. Back home, she jumps on the chance to use the vibraking again, and ends up having some of the strongest orgasms of her young life! She gets so wet, she tries and succeeds in getting her whole fist inside her stretchy pussy. She totally gets off on this, and fingers her asshole at the same time. Getting an idea, she double penetrates herself with two large toys, totally pushing her limits to the max! This was an amazing FTV Girls adventure for petite 18 year old Tamara and her first time video experience! Hope you enjoy it.

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FTV Girls Valerie – Columbian hottie

ftv valerie
Newly transplanted from Columbia, hot latina girl Valerie brings her incredible figure to shoot for First Time Video. Her heavy accent makes her sound exotic and foreign, and that’s a complete turn on! For her debut she uses a vibrator to masturbate for a natural orgasm with strong vaginal contractions. Now she’s relaxed! Heading to the mall next, she’s giggling and having a blast by flashing her perfect round breasts and being spotted by the other shoppers. Even in the parking lot, she takes everything off and runs around like a mad woman. Getting more daring with public nudity, she walks down the side street in just lingerie and heels, until a guy on a motorcycle stops to see what’s up. She has him hold her lingerie while she does a little strut, but he ends up driving off, leaving her Latina ass naked! The next day she plays a little nude volleyball outdoors and runs into FTV Trisha, playing with her too. To cool off she takes an outdoor shower and then fingers her naked pussy by the pool. The sun is setting, so she dons a pretty dress and heads inside the house, finds the vibraking toy, and uses it to masturbate for her last strong climax of the day! Enjoy this Latina flavored First Time Video girl!

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FTV Girls Riley – First Hardcore Video

ftv riley hardcore
FTV Riley came to First Time Video late in 2008 for her nude debut, and just 6 months after her shoot she decided to enter the porn business and try boy/girl sex on camera. So we invited her back to FTV Girls to film her real amateur sex performance. We hook her up with local guy Steve, and shoot them as a boyfriend/girlfriend couple here on location and at his bachelor pad. She rides him all around the apartment and ends up with a sticky mess on her face!

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FTV Girls Victoria on First Time Video

ftv victoria
We meet up with perky and attractive Victoria at the mall, wearing her cute blue dress and not much underneath. For starters on her first time video we get some flashing boobs and upskirt shots! Back at her place, we head into the kitchen where Victoria fingers her pussy hard and deep, and we zoom in for extreme closeups of her private parts. She even spreads and pulls her labia wide so we can see deep! Into the bedroom now, more pussy fingering and even two fingers in her ass as she masturbates to a strong orgasm. After a brief rest, she puts on a sexy white bikini and heads to the community pool. With a crowd of guys who like hot girls in bikinis, she has a blast teasing them with pussy shots and playing with herself while they watch (really!). For her finale she’s at the FTV Girls house and tries riding the glass FTV toy. It’s a little too big for her small pussy, but we get some very nice closeups of the attempt. She moves on to double penetrating herself with two vibrators, and finishes herself off with the Vibraking toy to a double whammy orgasm. First Time Video girl Victoria is a sexy doll we’d all like to play with!

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FTV Girls Madeline at First Time Video

ftv madeline
Visiting from her home in beautiful Tennessee, FTV Madeline is one of the cutest Southern Belles you’ve ever seen. We meet up with her at a resort mall to begin her first time video, we take her out to lunch for her interview and soon realize she isn’t wearing under panties under that dress! We get some nice public nudity upskirts of her. She takes us back to the resort she’s staying at, and models some sexy lingerie for us while masturbating on the dresser with just her fingers. Nice! She tells us she loves to masturbate, and even does it privately outdoors in the rec area while people unknowingly work around her. Notice the orgasmic contractions in the pussy closeups. Time for more upskirt and boob flashing in the water fountain, then back to the room for more masturbation with a selection of toys, hitting several strong orgasms! We move in for some extreme closeups of her playing with her stretchy labia, then as she stuff all her fingers in and attempts to fist herself. Almost…. Her boyfriend steps in for some hard breast and butt massage (nice ass BTW). For her final night she’s in a sexy black dress and heels, and flashes more around the resort before finding a rather exposed area to masturbate again, hoping she doesn’t get caught! Another powerful orgasm, right in the open. Dripping wet, she heads back to her room where her boyfriend pounds her doggy style hard and fast to one final, explosive climax. Enjoy this total First Time Video girl, only on FTV!

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