First Time Video

Girlfriends first experience at FTV

naked girlfriends

The really beautiful Sabina, who is only into women, truly desired to bring her girl girl sexual experience to Paisley, who had never had any experience with any nymph in her lifetime! Paisley, who likes dudes, and is a really pervy & intensive type of chick, chose Sabina due to how perfect & sensuous she looks.

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The nude English tourist – Essex girl Chloe Toy

nude english tourist

Chloe is a marvelous and slim blonde and we’re presented to her in Portugal as she gets off her train wearing an attractive micro-skirt as it is quite warm outside. She gets down on all fours to open up her baggage and show some of the toys she brought along with us and we note the attractive upskirt peeks she’s imparting as the breeze blows her skirt.

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Bisexual teens Melody & Harley

bisexual teens

The bisexous super squirter Melody finally has one of her dreams come true — to have intercourse with another pretty teen — the attractive blonde Harley! Together, they make a fun couple, and have two days of fun, sex, climaxes and deviant play with themselves.

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Little Troublemakers Meagan & Sophia

little troublemakers
Little Troublemakers Meagan & Sophia are two of the tiniest teens we’ve seen at FTV, and we pair them up for some girl on girl experiences. First at the mall they kiss and flirt and start getting frisky… when we’re caught by security and end up getting banned from the mall for a year lol. Safe back at the house, the girls continue making out and going down on each other, trying lesbian oral sex for the first time. Sophia is the submissive one, but she ends up fingering and fisting Meagan, helping her reach multiple orgasms that way. With the addition of a strap-on dildo, the girls take turns getting fucked as deep as possible. More oral sex and some lesbian scissoring, and these girls’ are left exhausted from all the kinky stuff they’ve done for FTV!

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Nude girls in Waikiki

public nudity pics hawaii
Its time for one more Hawaii journey, and two of FTV’s most well liked sweethearts get to share the experience at the same time! On a sunny, warm day in Waikiki, we see the beautiful Veronica and the supercute Nicole in eye-catching summer time clothes & wedges strolling & holding hands… then making out — in the midst of an extremely busy intersection! They get very frisky with one another, drawing the eye of travelers and residents alike. No matter where they go, they’re touchy-feely, deep kissing and feeling one another up. No bra or panties, so we get upskirt views and breast flashing (and so does anyone else around them!). Some vacationers like to take pix with them… After even more public nudity at a fancy resort, mall, and restaurant, they go home to calm down after miles of walking, and provide us a little foot fetish session of their pretty, petite and nicely manicured toes. Then they massage each others’ bodies, give good hard breast & butt massages — however Veronica has this little fetish — spanking! She has a bunch of spanking toys she brought along with her, and Nicole spanks her butt and breasts until eventually these are pink and sore. The girls choose to get much more intimate with each other, by masturbating on each other! Nicole starts off first, using the Eroscillator toy till she has a pleasant powerful orgasm with obvious vaginal contractions, right in the front of Veronica’s face. Veronica then fingers her, testing out her wetness inside. Then its Veronica’s turn, applying her glass toy to pound herself to a milky moist orgasm. She then masturbates once more, ending squirting on top of Nicole and onto her stomach. She licks it up… On the following day, the ladies are seen at the beach early in the morning, greeting surfers and fishermen. Soon enough, the bikinis come off, and they are running round bare everywhere whilst people congregate and take photos! They make out freely, and flash their private areas as they get sandy and moist. Then they discover a glass toy to play with, pounding one another doggy style as deep as it can go. Rinsing off at the outside beach showers, they draw much more attention from the travelers and tour buses, and they love all of it! After some breakfast topless at a restaurant, they go home for some very intimate oral sex play, licking one another’s clits and performing some hard and deep fingering (in addition to spreading and gaping one another)…

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Double extreme FTV Girls

double extreme ftv girls
Double extreme FTV girls Natalie and Arianna return for their first time girl on girl video with each other. They get along easily, and both are excited to do something totally new sexually. The girls head down to a resort in sexy revealing dresses, and are soon kissing and fingering in this not so private place. It leads to some oral sex and pussy fisting, and Arianna squirts on Natalie’s hand when she cums! Laughing, they cool off by splashing naked in the fountain.. and still they’re not caught with all the public nudity. Back at the house, these FTV girls break out the toys and experiment anally. Arianna likes it, so Natalie finger bangs her ass and gapes it too. Not to be outdone, Natalie rides a wide bottle and rubs her clit until she squirts a little too. This was a double extreme porn shoot, for all you fans out there.

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Leggy and gorgeous Kennedy Leigh at FTV

kennedy leigh
Leggy and gorgeous Kennedy Leigh returns to FTV for another erotic video shoot. She talks her dog for a walk and we get some great public nudity pics in her loose blouse and short skirt. Eventually she takes it completely off and walks nude down the middle of the street as cars drive by. She continues flashing as we go to a restaurant for lunch. At the FTV house Kennedy Leigh masturbates to orgasm then jumps in the pool naked to cool off. That night we head downtown where the leggy and gorgeous Kennedy Leigh flashes some more on the busy sidewalks. On the second day there are more public nudes as she sprints naked through a golf course while angry old men yell at her, then over at a racetrack where she drives topless at over 200 miles per hour. On the third day Kennedy Leigh invites her girlfriend Claire over for her first time video experience as well. They both end up flashing around town, followed by some bedroom seduction, where Claire has her first lesbian encounter. Lots of hard oral sex and fingering, followed by a double ended toy and some scissoring. This is one hot FTV update people.

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Faye Reagan’s birthday gift

faye reagan birthday gift
FTV Girl Alice has a lesbian crush on former FTV star Faye Reagan, and often masturbates to her porn videos. So for Alice’s birthday we invited Faye over for a ‘meet and greet’. After a shopping trip where Alice flashes her big breasts for us, we pick Faye up at the airport. They talk intimately about her personal life in the porn world, with lots of surprising revelations. They tease each other in sexy black dresses, leading to some oral sex and fingering. This is a sweet little update and we hope you like it.

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New FTV Girl Rita the roommate

ftv girl rita
FTV Girl Madeline returns after her first time video earlier this year, bringing her cute best friend and roommate Rita with her. Rita has never done nudes or anything adult, but after hearing Madeline’s stories she is determined to give it a try and be one of the FTV Girls. Can anyone say, girl-girl shoot? She loosens up by showing her flexibility (she’s a dance instructor) and having Madeline there to comfort her makes getting naked much easier. She ends up masturbating to an orgasm in white lingerie while Madeline videotapes her. Then we hit the streets! This flirtatious duo gets into trouble, flashing and kissing at restaurants, the mall, even a grocery store. In the back yard Rita tries the Big Pink toy, taking it really deep with Madeline’s ‘help’. In return Rita gives Madeline some intimate oral sex and deep pussy fingering to drive her crazy. They tease each other with some phallic bananas… Madeline takes the banana doggy style, while Rita goes missionary style before riding it as deep as it can go up her snatch, dripping her milky white juices. Please welcome FTV Girl Rita! Both of these girls are real life roommates and totally exclusive to First Time Video.

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FTV Kristin – teen’s first time hardcore video

ftv kristin
Kristin recently turned 18 and has decided to do her first time video with nude modeling and some hardcore for us. We start outdoors where she is wearing barely any clothes and getting frisky. This is her first shoot and we can see what a bubbly personality she has! In the house she’s primping in the bathroom, and talks about using her curling iron to masturbate, then shows us, stuffing it deep inside her pussy! Next she pulls out the Big Ten toy and rides it hard, then uses a vibrator to finish masturbating to orgasm. She’s very wet and you can clearly see the strong vaginal contractions, so we capture those with some extreme closeups. The next day she’s ready for hardcore with the photographer, shooting point of view style with lots of oral and sex before she swallows every drop. Kristin is a total first timer, and exclusive to First Time Videos! Enjoy this teen hottie, I know I did.

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